Posted: 07/22/2012 in Uncategorized

A refreshing contrarian approach to the world today.

Yesterday I wrote this blog post.

I had created a Twitter account purporting to be a human pineal gland (@th3pinealgland). Using this platform I alerted other users to the dangers that pineal poisoning can have on your life. Twitter deleted my account after a day of being active. In response to this deletion, I created a new account (@thepinealgl4nd).


Here’s a selection of tweets to get an idea of the material I was posting.


Twitter has deleted my SECOND pineal gland account and still have not told me why the first was suspended. I have sent them a second e-mail and I will blog again once I receive a reply. Until then, please follow my new account (@thepin3algland).


UPDATE: NOW EVEN @thepin3algland has been deleted. Three accounts, three straight deletions.

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