Posted: 07/20/2012 in Uncategorized

The Black Kids Table

On Monday, rapper Waka Flocka confirmed rumors that he will be the spokesperson for Burger King’s controversial new product: the Black Person Burger. At a press conference, Mr. Flocka’s publisher called this move “a great way to introduce the nonincarcerated to Waka Flocka Flame.” Waka himself made a statement as well, but almost no one was able to understand it. Those in his inner circle who are familiar with his particular mixture of mumbling, grunting, and yelling say he is also thrilled about this lucrative business opportunity. Burger King executives hope that adding Mr. Flocka to their roster of celebrity representatives will “hit just the right note with our valued urban demographic.”

Soon after the announcement, clips from the new commercial were leaked online. The commercial shows a typical Burger King restaurant with several patrons smiling and enjoying their food. One of them comments, “This burger is hot and full…

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