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In my search to raise my consciousness and vibration, I’ve read many articles and blogs on the net. These are 18 of the most common ways I’ve read about and have started incorporating into my life. Enjoy!!!

1) Love

Place your hands on your heart and really love yourself

Name 10 things you love about yourself

Tell your friends and family you love them, both through your words and your actions

If you have a pet, hold them, pet them, stroke them, enjoy them

With your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, spend time in gentle embrace

2) Appreciation

Thank yourself for being exactly who you are

Write out a page-long list of things you’re grateful for

Feel appreciation for life exactly as it is now

Thank the Universe for supporting you in all that you do

Feel grateful for having the opportunity to create what you want

Feel appreciation towards everything you desire

3) Do something you enjoy

Find something you really enjoy doing and do it, even if it’s something small

Treat yourself to something special

Do something you’ve always wanted to do

Find an activity that feels very ‘you’ and do it

Perform a random act of kindness to a complete stranger

If you enjoy creating, enter a state of flow and allow creation to flow through you

4) Meditate

Spend time meditating in silence

Find the peaceful stillness within

Allow the world to be as it is while you dedicate this moment to meditation

Feel the inner peace that is always present at your core

5) Breathe deeply

Breathe deeply, fully into your belly

Breathe slowly

Notice the breath going in and out of your body

Breathing deeply will make it literally impossible to be anxious

6) Center yourself

Feel present in this moment

Feel the inside of your body

Meditation and deep breathing are also forms of centering yourself

Focus yourself into the Now without resisting the mind in any way

Notice what’s being registered by all 5 senses

7) Spend time in silence

Go for a walk in the woods, or barefoot out in nature

Gaze at a flower

Spend some quality time with yourself, just yourself

Pay attention to the silence from which all sound arises and falls back into

8) Watch something funny

Put on a funny movie and spend time laughing and enjoying yourself

Watch some funny videos online

Share jokes with your friends

9) Smile

Smile radiantly, genuinely, joyfully

Feel the smile overflowing and flooding your whole body

Feel all the cells in your body smiling

Put a smile inside your heart

10) Say YES to what is

Look around the room and allow everything to be just as it is

Look at your life and, just for now, allow things to be the way they are

Say “YES” to yourself while you observe various aspects of your life

Offer no resistance to anything in life

Accept yourself and others

11) Listen to good music

Put on some good music

Upbeat energetic music is excellent

Classical music is fantastic too

Avoid depressing, angry, or violent music

12) Exercise

Give your body a work-out

Run, lift weights, bike, swim, play sports, or do whichever activities you prefer

Get the blood flowing through the body

Feel the energy pulsating within the body

13) Dance

Go out to a dance club and have a great time, without worrying what other people think

Grab a partner and dance freely with him or her

Put on some music and dance wildly in private, with nobody watching

Be completely and totally liberated with your dancing

14) Sing

Put on your favorite song and sing along

If necessary, close the door and some headphones, but sing sing sing

Singing in the car is a perfect place to sing. Who cares if you look like a nut?

15) Choose to heal yourself or others

Allow your body’s natural intelligence to work its magic

Encourage the desired healing to take place

Help another on the road to recovery

Support the feelings of wellness and well-being

16) Pray

Focus your attention on what you desire to experience in life

Invite the Divine energy to join you and be a part of your life

Ask for guidance and wisdom in your life

Pray for safety and well-being for yourself and your loved ones

Bless the world

Get involved in group prayer for even more effectiveness

17) Read quality books

Immerse yourself in high consciousness writings

Fill your mind with thoughts and ideas that resonate with your soul

Learn new skills

Develop your understandings regarding spirituality

18) Intend to raise your vibration

Simply set the intention to become happier, more free, higher vibing, and more in alignment

Your intention is one of the most powerful tools you have

via 19 Ways To Raise Your Vibration | You Are Truly Loved.

How To Raise Your Consciousness

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