NASA Photos “Prove” Moon Landing Was Faked – Conspiratorium

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NASA Photos “Prove” Moon Landing Was Faked – Conspiratorium.

Eric Sampson
By Eric Sampson
February 16, 2012 2:47PM

Nasa1I’ve been saying for a long time that the moon landing was faked. If it ever happened in the first place, why have we stayed away so long? Why are there not mining colonies and hospices on the moon? It’s the 21st century after all.

Then I came across this batch of photos – brazenly posted on NASA’s own website no less – that give photographic evidence that all aspects of the moon landing were staged from start to finish…

For instance, look at these two images from the Lunar Landing Research Facility. In the above photo, you see what appears to be a large landing vehicle; however, if you look at the second picture to the right, you’ll see a miniature copy of the vehicle in the first shot. While modeling is accepted Nasa2practice in architecture and public works projects, what purpose could a mini-moon landing vehicle serve NASA unless it was to stage certain cinematic scenes that the larger vehicle couldn’t manage?

And what about these three pics: one, two and three?

Purportedly these men are practicing for the low gravity conditions that they will encounter on the moon, but even in the analogue age it was still possible to retouch pictures and rolls of film to edit out the harnesses, etc. Who would have the resources to employ the manpower needed to do that sort of tedious editing? Why, NASA, of course.

All of these pictures point to the amazing amount of time and resources NASA squandered on their alleged trip to the moon. Here are several more reasons why I’m skeptical:

The Moon Landing: Was It Faked?

The Moonwalk Hoax

10 Conspiracy Theories About The Moon

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