Tavis Smiley, Dr. Cornel West talk with Lupe Fiasco

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Seattle Weekly interviewed Smiley & West the other day and part of the conversation was Lupe. Check it below!

You say that what we need most is a leader who’ll make this a priority. You said Obama would do a much better job than Romney. Dr. West, you interviewed Lupe Fiasco at the teen leadership conference that UCLA organized with the Tavis Smiley Foundation. He told the kids there: I don’t vote, I’m not going to put people in office who pay off the bankers and let the school system fail, etc. Dr. West, you didn’t challenge him on that point. Mr. Smiley, you came on and said, “What an amazing conversation that was.” Is that the right message to send to teens, if what we need to fight poverty is a leader: to not vote?

West: No, but what I think Brother Tavis is telling you, though, brother, is that it’s top-down and bottom-up. Top-down is, of course, to have a president who cares about working and poor people. Bottom-up is to create a movement that puts pressure on the president. And you have to have both. Lupe comes out of the Occupy movement, he comes from bottom-up. Tavis and I embrace both.

Lupe saying he doesn’t vote–well, no, we disagree with that. But his major point was that the political system is broken. So for him that’s not a major priority. He’s got a right to that opinion.

Smiley: I think that Lupe is absolutely entitled to his opinion, even if I disagree with it. Dr. West says all the time, when you love people, you tell them the truth, the truth as you see it. That’s Lupe’s truth. And he needs to stand in his truth. Those young people need to be exposed to that particular point of view. And they’re bright enough to understand that that’s his point of view.

After Lupe left, and we had an open session, kids talked about it. It was a wonderful debate.

via Seattle Weekly

via The LupE.N.D. Blog: Tavis Smiley x Dr. Cornel West talk about Lupe Fiasco.

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