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The Fifth Column

I’ve often said that the GOP are a bunch of audacious a**holes!  This graphic sums it up clearly and concisely:

H/t: I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists

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The Fifth Column

In today’s politics the term compassionate conservatism is an oxymoron. There’s no such thing with this bunch…

Daily Kos

Remember how those massive budget cuts in the Romney/Ryan plan fall primarily on poor Americans? The Center for American Progress has a new report detailing how those cuts in turn will affect children.

cuts to kids
  • The House Agriculture Committee’s budget cuts $33 billion from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program over the next decade, along with cuts that tie it into other safety net programs, which means school breakfast and lunch is out. As many as 22 million kids will go hungry.
  • Ways and Means eliminated the Social Services Block Grant, which funds state programs for child abuse prevention and intervention, foster care and child protective services. More than 11 million children are helped with these programs.
  • Immigrant parents won’t be able to use the child tax credit, because Ways and Means would allow…

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The Word African American Needs To Go!!! – CNN iReport.

CNN PRODUCER NOTE     GoGreen58 shot this video, with his friend Dwight, in his dorm room at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort, yesterday. He discusses how being called ‘African-American‘ makes him feel ‘Half American’. ‘I’m not from Africa, so I’m not African-American!’ He thinks it is unfair that black Americans are called African-American, but white Americans are not referred to by their ancestral heritage. ‘If you are going to call me an African-American, white people need to be called European American or Irish American,’ he says. ‘White people don’t want to be referred to where their ancestors may have come from, so why should black people? We are all Americans and we all pay American taxes… If you’re born in America, you’re an American.’ He says although his ancestors came from Africa, he does not relate to the people or its culture like he does to America and its culture. ‘If I went to Africa…they’re not going to give me a hand clap of praise for I guess “Returning to the Mother Land“. They are going to treat me as an American with money,’ he says ‘I would die for America, not Africa. I’m wanting to move forward toward a more united nation and stop the separation. All I know is my future kids won’t be African-Americans, but they will be 110% American.’
ssesha, CNN iReport producer

America it’s time to move on from separating races. My generation doesn’t want to be called African American, because we are all 100% Americans. What’s so hard about us being called Black Americans? If we were never born in Africa, then why do we have to have that title? My roommate Dwight doesn’t like getting called African American either, and he’s an example of other Black Americans who don’t want to be called African Americans. The separation starts there, because we are being called Half Americans. Not all Africans are black, because there are a lot of white Africans. What if a white African comes over to America and they get their citizenship? Are they going to be labeled as an African American or white? If a real African is born in Africa and becomes an American citizen, they are an African American. It makes me feel like I’m half American, because they was born in Africa, but I’m still getting the same title as them. Its funny how real Africans think it’s weird we are called African Americans. We don’t have anything to do with Africa. I’m tired of living in the past and I want to move forward. It’s time for us to become more united for our future generations. If you’re born in America you’re an American, POINT BLINK END OF STORY!!! United We Stand and May God Bless America
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Seattle Weekly interviewed Smiley & West the other day and part of the conversation was Lupe. Check it below!

You say that what we need most is a leader who’ll make this a priority. You said Obama would do a much better job than Romney. Dr. West, you interviewed Lupe Fiasco at the teen leadership conference that UCLA organized with the Tavis Smiley Foundation. He told the kids there: I don’t vote, I’m not going to put people in office who pay off the bankers and let the school system fail, etc. Dr. West, you didn’t challenge him on that point. Mr. Smiley, you came on and said, “What an amazing conversation that was.” Is that the right message to send to teens, if what we need to fight poverty is a leader: to not vote?

West: No, but what I think Brother Tavis is telling you, though, brother, is that it’s top-down and bottom-up. Top-down is, of course, to have a president who cares about working and poor people. Bottom-up is to create a movement that puts pressure on the president. And you have to have both. Lupe comes out of the Occupy movement, he comes from bottom-up. Tavis and I embrace both.

Lupe saying he doesn’t vote–well, no, we disagree with that. But his major point was that the political system is broken. So for him that’s not a major priority. He’s got a right to that opinion.

Smiley: I think that Lupe is absolutely entitled to his opinion, even if I disagree with it. Dr. West says all the time, when you love people, you tell them the truth, the truth as you see it. That’s Lupe’s truth. And he needs to stand in his truth. Those young people need to be exposed to that particular point of view. And they’re bright enough to understand that that’s his point of view.

After Lupe left, and we had an open session, kids talked about it. It was a wonderful debate.

via Seattle Weekly

via The LupE.N.D. Blog: Tavis Smiley x Dr. Cornel West talk about Lupe Fiasco.

TIS catches up with rapper, Papoose as he talks MLK & Malcolm X assassinations, the prison system, health issues for African Americans, Aids being a form of population control, 9/11 being an inside job, Illuminati, HAARP, and more

via Papoose Talks HAARP Causing Earthquakes, Illuminati, Aids being Man Made & More w/ – YouTube.

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