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When I hear a term like The Blacks, I get the feeling that the person uttering the phrase is not too fond of Black people.  Remember Donald Trump?   Am I being a bit too sensitive?  NO.

Think Progress

While the controversy over the killing of Trayvon Martin largely skirted partisan politics in its first month, some conservative media outlets apparently saw an opportunity in the case and have spent the latter part of the week alternately smearing Martin, defending Zimmerman, or screaming about the dangers of viewing the case through a racial lens.

The conservative Daily Caller, a purportedly reported and fact-based news outlet, published parts of Martin’s life on social media, but only “selected [items that] reinforce the argument that the victim of the fatal shooting was a menacing figurewho might plausibly have been mistaken for a criminal,” the New York Times’ Robert Mackey noted…

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Video: This Is A Sad World We Live In: Woman Dies In Jail After Being Dragged From Hospital! (Justice For Anna Brown). says: “Anna Brown, 29, died on the floor of a jail cell within an hour of being dragged from St. Mary’s Hospital. As blood clots spread from her legs to her lungs the hospital staff was busy refusing her further treatment. She was arrested because she refused to leave, she said she was in to much pain to stand. So she was carried to a squad car and driven to the Richmond Heights Police Department where officers carried her into a cell and laid her on the floor. She was found dead only minutes later.
Originally visiting the hospital due to a sprained ankle, she was unaware that the real problem was that her sprained ankle had caused blood clots. A doctor at St. Mary’s told police that she was okay to go, unwilling to properly treat the woman. At 7:33 in the video below, you can hear an officer in the cell after she died say, “we thought she was drug sick” but the autopsy revealed that she had not taken any drugs.” Brown/347960958574336

Video: George Zimmerman’s Father Speaks Out On All The Hate His Son Is Getting.

Video: What Would You Do? Dad Rejects Daughter’s Black Boyfriend!.

And who says racism does not exists…

The (Mis)Education of Black Boys – YouTube.

ROLAND S. MARTIN: The Hoodie Is Not The Problem, The Problem Is Racism, Bigotry & Stereotypes (VIDEO) | Roland Martin Reports.